EFQM Challenges 2021 - Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Equality

Diversity is about creating a culture and practices that recognise, respect, value, and embrace difference for everyone’s benefit. Inclusion refers to an individual’s experience within the workplace and in wider society, and the extent to which they feel valued and included. Gender equality is equal access to resources ... Read more

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04.03.2021 - 04.03.2021 Belgium, Brussels English
Gender equality is equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Why apply?
You should apply if your organisation has introduced or created an initiative to ensure your people in your ecosystem (e.g. customers, team members) are now treated more equally and more valued for their contributions regardless of their gender or origin.

Application Criteria
The Jury will be looking at the ideation, design and implementation of your project or initiative, as well as the positive impact and results it has had within your organisation and/or in the wider society.