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This is a 49pp brochure to help you improve the performance of your oganisation.

What is the EFQM Model?

This brochure is a tried and tested blueprint for organisations looking to develop a culture of improvement and innovation.

The EFQM Excellence model has been a globally-recognised assessment tool for more than 20 years, used by 50,000+ organisations. But in 2019 the new EFQM Model was rebuilt from the ground up to do much more.

The EFQM Model will help you align your organisation's purpose and strategy to deliver sustainable value for all of your key stakeholders.

This brochure will help you answer three powerful questions:

>> Why does our organisation exist?
>> How does our organisation intend to deliver on its purpose?
>> What have we achieved to date - and what is there still to achieve?

And it will show how the answers can provide a practical guide to monitor, undertand and then improve your organisation's overall performance.

For many people this is enough to provide a top-level framework to analyse and improve their organisation. But for others this is the first step before signing up for EFQM Foundation training - a course which helps you apply the EFQM Model in practice.

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