EFQM Validator Qualification Online Training

For the EFQM Assessors 2020 who want to learn how to use RADAR methodology in Project Management. Read more

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What is the EFQM Validator Qualification Training?

This course is designed to train EFQM Validators or people who want to learn to use the RADAR methodology in project management. Participants will understand what it takes to drive, recognise and validate the success of an improvement project. The course concludes with a certification which allows participants to act as EFQM Validators in the Validated by EFQM Assessments.

Who can participate in the EFQM Validator Qualification Training?

This course is open to the EFQM Assessors 2020.

What is the content and structure of the training?

The first part is an online session of 1.5 hours. During this session, participants will learn about, amongst others, the Validated by EFQM process, the role of the Validator and the Project Management assessment using the RADAR logic. At the end of the session, participants will receive instructions and materials to do some “post-training” homework.

The second part is the practical case the participants will need to work on. The work done will need to be submitted to EFQM and, if successful, the EFQM Validator qualification will be delivered and your name will be added to the EFQM Validator list, so that you will be eligible to conduct EFQM Validations.

How is the online course delivered?

The online part of the course will be delivered through the EFQM Adobe Connect platform. More information to connect the platform is sent upon registration.

The first session scheduled on 28 May will run from 14.00 till 15.30 (CEST).