About EFQM

EFQM is an innovative, not-for profit organisation, fusing data-driven insights, curated learning and development and networking opportunities for the benefit of organisations and individuals worldwide.
Working across international borders, we support leaders as they manage cultural change and transformation to deliver performance improvements and benefits
for their key stakeholders. Through our carefully designed portfolio of products and services, we provide a looking glass for organisations and individuals to examine where they are and to help put a spotlight on where action is required.
By becoming a successful partner to organisations around the world, we can deliver on our own ambition – to build a better future for people, for communities and for organisations themselves.
Since its inception, the EFQM Model has provided a blueprint for organisations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of improvement and innovation.
Now, through the application of up-to-date content, insightful data, a new language and a fresh look at megatrends and various global shifts that are reshaping the world we live in, the EFQM Model provides a modern reflection of what good looks like right now.
To co-create the new EFQM Model, we surveyed nearly 2000 change experts, facilitated 24 workshops internally, spoke face to face with leaders in over 60 diverse organisations and created a core team of experts and contributors from across industries and academia.
Through this unique collaboration, we were able to craft, prototype and perfect a flexible framework that’s fit for purpose and which helps organisations recode their ways of working, both in the short and long term.
Built on design thinking, the new Model has shifted from being a simple assessment tool to one that offers a vital framework and methodology to help with the changes, transformation, and disruption that individuals and organisations face every day.
Simply put, the EFQM Model will help your organisation achieve success by measuring where you are on the path to creating sustainable value. It will help you understand the gaps and possible solutions available, empowering you to progress and significantly improve your organisation’s performance.
For more information on EFQM, the EFQM Excellence Model, training, assessment and recognition, please visit www.efqm.org.