The EFQM Model
Revised 2nd Edition

Revised 2nd Edition - Now includes additional information on Use Cases, RADAR Guidelines and Scoring Profiles

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This is a 66pp brochure to help you improve the performance of your oganisation.

The EFQM Model has been available for more than 30 years and is now the world’s most widely used management framework. In 2019 we reviewed and transformed the EFQM Model to make it fit for purpose, ready for a new decade of transformation, technological advancement, culture change and disruption. In this edition of the EFQM Model handbook, we have had the opportunity to assess and refine the model guidance to make some minor amendments to allow the user to be clear on how stakeholders should be considered and measured.

In addition, we felt it was important to produce a clear outline of the RADAR tool, which is the hugely important second dimension to the application of the EFQM Model. We have also shared some case studies, best practice information and the scoring data from the first year of use. The work that the Core Model Team undertook 2 years ago, led by Geoff Carter, has been proven to be world-leading and universally applauded, and so has not changed.

The EFQM Model coupled with the EFQM technology platform, AssessBase, is a highly effective management tool that enables leaders, employees, academics, team members, students and other stakeholders to understand how an organisation should set its Purpose and deliver on its promises. And to do this in a sustainable and ethical way. The focus of the EFQM Model has become less about assessment and recognition and more about providing you with a roadmap of questions and ideas that allows you to be curious about how your organisation could be successful in improving its performance, landing change, fulfilling the needs of society and nurturing your people.

We believe you will find this edition helpful and insightful. Still, as ever, we are keen to hear your feedback, respond to your ideas and ensure the EFQM Model evolves and develops as indeed organisations of all sizes and sectors will continue to evolve and develop.

For many people this is enough to provide a top-level framework to analyse and improve their organisation. But for others this is the first step before signing up for EFQM Foundation training - a course which helps you apply the EFQM Model in practice.