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Home for your assessments and diagnostics against the EFQM Model or through a specific topical lens. Also including a half-day AssessBase onboarding support.*

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*The half-day AssessBase onboarding support is only applicable for the licence fee at 2,500€.

What is the EFQM AssessBase?

The AssessBase is a unique assessment platform to support your organisation in its journey towards outstanding performance, cultural change and transformation.

This is your access to Assessment and diagnostic Tools based on the EFQM Model, from beginner to mature organisations, to manage your internal or external assessment:
• EFQM "Foundation Level" Questionnaire
• Business Matrix Assessment Tool
• Business Matrix Advanced Assessment Tool

And your access to specific Diagnostic Tools on Innovation, Circular Economy, ... The opportunity to look at your organisation through a topical Lens. Innovation will be launched in May 2020, Circular Economy will be for Q2 2020. More topical Lens tools will follow in the second half of 2020.

Why should my organisation use the EFQM AssessBase?

These different tools provide an organisational performance assessment against the world’s leading strategic management tool the EFQM MODEL. The platform provides content management, multiple user input, self-assessed and external scoring, maturity analysis and a full feedback report. This means you can constantly assess and baseline progress against goals, examine patterns of performance against maturity levels and collate company wide data to set areas for improvement and focus.

For more information or a live demo, feel free to contact us at assessbase@efqm.org.

For specific information on the terms, conditions and data processing (GDPR), click here.