The EFQM Innovation Lens

The Innovation Lens helps organisation to illustrate the activities, processes and culture that combine to stimulate innovation and encourage it to flourish.

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Why an EFQM Innovation Lens?

Innovation has never been more important. Properly understood and applied it can help any organisation grow faster, be more agile and unlock new forms of value. However, creating a self-sustaining culture of innovation can be hugely challenging.

At EFQM, we aim to help organisations improve their performance and to meet this aim one of our services is to offer data-driven, analysis-based tools to give organisations meaningful insights, empowering them in their journey towards becoming outstanding.

One such analysis-based tool is this Innovation Lens. Co-developed with the CforC and powered by EFQM’s AssessBase Digital Platform, it is designed to help organisations understand what innovation means for them and challenges them to focus on developing new products, services, solutions and ways of working to add new value.

It supports organisations in the development of processes that will enable sustainable innovation, provides a measure against which they can assess innovation performance and confirms evidence of innovative activity.

Most people when talking about innovation talk about ideas (which is an input into
innovation) and Research & Development (R & D), which is an innovation output.

The EFQM Innovation Lens looks at the area (which is often missed out) that links ideas and R & D and builds innovation into the fabric of the organisation — the innovation process or system.

It takes an holistic approach to innovation and underlines that innovation is not confined to R & D; marketing, processes and service, in fact all the elements of an organisation, can innovate.

Based on the systems thinking that underpins EFQM’s renowned Management & Assessment Model, EFQM & CforC have developed this diagnostic tool to help any organisations perform a gap analysis between its current competence in Innovation and innovative thinking when compared with what leading organisations deliver.

Because EFQM is also renowned for its rigourous approach to Assessment and Recognition, additionally, we wanted to provide the possibility for an organisation to seek external recognition for its efforts in the discipline of innovation and innovative thinking.